Hold onto your hats, my fellow biz owner! Our guest speakers are ready to rock your biz world.

I’m talking about the crème de la crème of business gurus, the jedi knights of entrepreneurship, and the maestros of moolah-making magic. AKA the industry experts ready to drop knowledge bombs that’ll send shockwaves through your business.

This isn’t the bring-a-notebook-and-get-ready-for-the-keynote-presentation 🙅🏻‍♀️Think interview style, where you’ll get to hear our speaker share their story and spill industry secrets, with a side of LOLs.

Now, they aren’t just here to dazzle you with their brilliance – they’re here to answer YOUR burning questions. Having industry experts at your finger tips is the secret sauce and a direct hotline to business expertise. An opportunity not to be missed!

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Past & Upcoming Guest Speakers

Drum roll please, introducing…

Bianca Carlino

Founder, chief gifter, hostess with the mostess



Jessica Foord

Digital designer, story weaver, connection builder


Carla Thomas

Social Media Manager, data driven marketer, time saver


Sara Keli

Copy Writer, Keyword Mogul, Brunch Enthusiast

Nikki Malvar

Branding Photographer, Digital Story Teller, Nature Lover
Tara Winters

Tara Winters

Award Winning Money Coach, International Speaker, Author, Soul Guide
Farid Zaki, founder ATP Accounting

Farid Zaki

Chartered Accountant, Networking Ninja, Double Espresso Aficionado
Steve, Monarch Financial

Steve Issa

Mortgage Broker, Team Builder and Mentor, Father

Nataleigh Elzein

Business & Marketing Strategist, video-led messaging genius, pain au chocolat connoisseur

coming soon

Claire Wescombe

Social media & marketing whiz, reformer pilates frequent flyer

Could this be you?

Could this be you?

Could this be you?

coming soon

Could this be you?

Could this be you?

Could this be you?

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